Monday, December 22, 2008

Wacky Weekend

So today im going to vent about this weekend…a couple very interesting things happened (some may be shocking, just to warn ya). Lets start with Saturday when I was out running errands with my best friend a.k.a Wifey….we decided that pedi’s and mani’s were in order so we decided to stop at my very over priced nail salon (why I still go there I have no idea). Well as I was having my old acrylics taken off to be replaced my new ones the asian lady decided to cut, oh just a little too far, and basically cut thru the quick under my nail…..oh yes, I am cringing as I write this! So blood is pouring from my finger, im trying not to cry, and all the while this little asian bitch is saying “shhh I get fired, shhh I get fired” Ummm are you effing kidding me?! You nearly took my finger off! And I didn’t even get a damn discount for almost losing my finger….crazy ass Asians!

Now on to Saturday night…..i participated in an “Ugly Xmas Sweater Party” at my dear friend Ryan’s house….great times, ugly ass sweaters, even uglier ass guys, and fun fun fun….well all of that took a turn when I look around to see that my best friend and ex’s little sister are basically going lesbo on each other in my friends room….ummm eww. To make it worse, they tried to get me in on it….AHAHAHA HELL NO! It just fascinated me this weekend the things that I saw or had happen….im praying for a better weekend this week…..

Other then that I hope everyone is having a great Monday! And Happy Holidays to you all! I love you lots! xoxo

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