Monday, December 15, 2008

18 year old rules! WTF?!

Ok so im about to lose my shit in 2.5 seconds! My lovely grandmother went ahead and bought my juvenile delinquent brother a car for when he is done serving his time (or In her eyes, taking his vacation). Well fine, fine with that but here’s what REALLY pisses me off…..i had a discussion with my grandmother last week about letting me drive this vehicle this week while mine was being repainted…everything sounded to me as if that was fine and I had a car lined up for the next week…..boy was I wrong! Guess even from behind bars my little 18 YEAR OLD brother rules over what says and goes in the household and has made it a point to not allow me or our own mother to drive his car! The same snot nose brat who I use to bend over backwards for when he got into trouble and who also use to joyride my car around town at the age of 13!!!

The thing that gets me even more is the boy has no license and my grandmother bought that car, so I feel until he has all that lined up and can prove he isn’t going to screw around again then it should be up to my grandma to let me use it…but no, instead she lets an 18 year old kid tell her how its goes! I swear im in the fucking Twilight Zone right now! Ugghhh…..ok now that ive vented im off to find my way home…..23 years old and feeling like goddamn “Driving Ms. Daisy” but without the chauffer LOL

Hope all of you had a better day then me! xoxo


  1. That's just sick. I can't even comment on that stupid shit. (Fuck off = Go to jail = Get a car) Your grandma is in some serious denial.

  2. I call Bullshit on this!!!!
    It seems if your bad you get rewarded?