Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Its finally in the process......

My tattoo!!!! Man let me tell you, getting near the arm pit hurts like a son of a bitch! Only got the line work done and a little shading for the clouds...the rest wil lbe finished in 2 weeks. I sat for 3 1/2 hours for this alone....shheeshhhh! But my friend does amazing work and im having him do all my work from here on out. He hand drew all of this out of a couple things i gave him ideas of :) Thats talent!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Dooms Day for the Wisdom Teeth.....

So today marks the day i have been putting off for far too long....the day i finally give in and give the dentist permission to get rid of my pain in the ass wisdom teeth. Ive got to admit i am freaked out...i hate the dentist as it is, but then the idea of having teeth ripped from my head just scares me more. And to top it off, im not getting put out, just a little laughing gas (trust me im excited for that). SO everyone cross your fingers for me that i make it out alive and for a speedy recovery! Love you all!

PS....Lesley the tattoo is now being done on Feb. 2nd so pictures will follow after that.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


New tattoo coming soon… I will post pictures for it as soon as I can, as per request of my lovely cousin Lesley!

Happy New Year?!

So here it is 2009….according to some the world is ending in just 3 years. I better get to my list of “Things to do before I Die” ASAP. So the year has started off pretty damn interesting so far and we are only 13 days in….i spent my first time in Glamis and had the best time ever! Cant get enough of the sand! But coming back to home was a little less thrilling….i came back to an email from my best friend of 10 years (well at least I thought she was) informing me of her love for my ex of 3 years and basically telling me they are going to be together and blah, blah, blah. Now at first my reaction was just initial shock, couldn’t say a thing and kinda had that look on my face like a deer in head lights. Then as I sat there a little longer my reaction turned to anger….now some men (actually most) think that this shouldn’t be a problem as they freely tend to share their women between them…but as us ladies know, that is like the #1 no-no on the list of “What Not to Do” between you and your best friend. Now mind you, I have no desire to be with the worthless, cheating, shit bag…..but of all the men she chooses him.

Its funny because when we were in high school she pulled many of times this same situation and I always thought it was a adolescent teenage thing….well obviously it hasn’t changed. So anyway, I wrote an email basically wishing them both well (although not so kindly) and went on about my day. Surprisingly loosing her as a friend, as shocking as it is, wasn’t that hard for me. Maybe because all along I knew she was a horrible friend anyway. So that’s how my 2009 started off, with a bang. Now heres to hoping the rest of the year goes a lot better now that I have unloaded some worthless baggage in my life (oopps did I say that out loud!?)

Monday, December 22, 2008

Wacky Weekend

So today im going to vent about this weekend…a couple very interesting things happened (some may be shocking, just to warn ya). Lets start with Saturday when I was out running errands with my best friend a.k.a Wifey….we decided that pedi’s and mani’s were in order so we decided to stop at my very over priced nail salon (why I still go there I have no idea). Well as I was having my old acrylics taken off to be replaced my new ones the asian lady decided to cut, oh just a little too far, and basically cut thru the quick under my nail…..oh yes, I am cringing as I write this! So blood is pouring from my finger, im trying not to cry, and all the while this little asian bitch is saying “shhh I get fired, shhh I get fired” Ummm are you effing kidding me?! You nearly took my finger off! And I didn’t even get a damn discount for almost losing my finger….crazy ass Asians!

Now on to Saturday night…..i participated in an “Ugly Xmas Sweater Party” at my dear friend Ryan’s house….great times, ugly ass sweaters, even uglier ass guys, and fun fun fun….well all of that took a turn when I look around to see that my best friend and ex’s little sister are basically going lesbo on each other in my friends room….ummm eww. To make it worse, they tried to get me in on it….AHAHAHA HELL NO! It just fascinated me this weekend the things that I saw or had happen….im praying for a better weekend this week…..

Other then that I hope everyone is having a great Monday! And Happy Holidays to you all! I love you lots! xoxo

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Snowboarding for Crashley?! Hmmmm

So as many of you may know, I am not the most graceful person in the world. When I was in high school my close friends who love me so dearly decided to nickname me Crashley….and I took the new name on proudly because it explained me soooo well. Well now the guy that I have been dating is asking me to go snowboarding during this winter break….ummm did he not realize what my nickname meant? That’s like suicide for me…..i mean I can barely walk but you want to strap my feet down on a piece of wood and throw me down a hill?! I think NOT! So my question is, should I or shouldn’t I?! Lets see if he is good at convincing me……

Monday, December 15, 2008

18 year old rules! WTF?!

Ok so im about to lose my shit in 2.5 seconds! My lovely grandmother went ahead and bought my juvenile delinquent brother a car for when he is done serving his time (or In her eyes, taking his vacation). Well fine, fine with that but here’s what REALLY pisses me off…..i had a discussion with my grandmother last week about letting me drive this vehicle this week while mine was being repainted…everything sounded to me as if that was fine and I had a car lined up for the next week…..boy was I wrong! Guess even from behind bars my little 18 YEAR OLD brother rules over what says and goes in the household and has made it a point to not allow me or our own mother to drive his car! The same snot nose brat who I use to bend over backwards for when he got into trouble and who also use to joyride my car around town at the age of 13!!!

The thing that gets me even more is the boy has no license and my grandmother bought that car, so I feel until he has all that lined up and can prove he isn’t going to screw around again then it should be up to my grandma to let me use it…but no, instead she lets an 18 year old kid tell her how its goes! I swear im in the fucking Twilight Zone right now! Ugghhh…..ok now that ive vented im off to find my way home…..23 years old and feeling like goddamn “Driving Ms. Daisy” but without the chauffer LOL

Hope all of you had a better day then me! xoxo